Literature 2.2
Vol. 2.2 - 2011

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p. 5Le roman transculturel francophone, un roman des convergences d’écritures
Konan Arsène Kanga

Technological researches are changing rapidly by giving the prospects for future challenges in various fields. The contemporaneity of this development suggests what will be tomorrow’s world: the convergence of creative technological, cultural, philosophical, including the service of man. In literature, the new dynamics in the texts are at work to make transculturality an asset. Thus, the different forms of convergences in literature will favor the emergence of a fictional creation. This paper presents an aspect of the evolution of the French novel in the light of many contemporary aesthetics and scriptural similarities.

p. 20Surrealismo e tradizione francese
Fabio Vasarri

Surrealism has always been characterised by a tendency towards internationalism, which could be interpreted also as a reaction against the anti-Germanic nationalism of French right-wing politics. On the other hand, it has also appealed to those aspects of the French tradition that came to be identified with a sense of rebellion. The present contribution aims at investigating the contrasting, and subtly differentiated stances that Surrealism has taken towards the French national literary (or, more generally, cultural) canon, through the analysis of some emblematic cases (Breton, Aragon, Desnos, and Queneau).


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