Literature 12.2
Vol. 12.2 - December 31, 2021

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p. 5Traduzione in arabo del romanzo Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Strategie traduttive e riferimenti culturali specifici
Emanuela De Blasio

The international fame of some fantasy novels such as the Harry Potter saga by Joanne Kathleen Rowling, which can be cataloged within the fantasy literature for children and teenagers, has produced great interest among young readers in the Arab world, so much so that a translation was needed.
This work focuses on the study of the Arabic translation of the first book of the saga, titled Harry Potter and the Philosopherʼs Stone, translated for the first time into Arabic by the Egyptian Saḥar Ǧabr Maḥmūd and published by the Egyptian publishing house Nahḍat Miṣr in 2002.
The research focuses on the analysis of specific cultural references that usually pose translation problems due to the mismatch in the target culture. Within a theoretical framework of Translation Studies, the study examines the translation procedures used to render the following categories: proper names, toponyms, magical and fantastic creatures and elements, puns, songs and spells.

p. 27Per una nuova edizione critica delle Chiose Cagliaritane alla Commedia
Francesco Donato

Transmitted exclusively from codex 76 of the University Library of Cagliari, the Chiose Cagliaritane consist of a complex of glosses in Italian vernacular on Dante’s Commedia. The only information about the anonymous compiler’s profile can be obtained by reading the notes: his Tuscan provenance, perhaps Arezzo; his low culture; his great admiration for Dante. The only edition of the Chiose Cagliaritane was realized in 1902 by Enrico Carrara, an edition characterized by an arbitrary selection of the publisher, who preferred not to publish the glosses which he considered of little value; it appears therefore necessary a new critical edition that can present the glosses in their entirety, taking into account some still uncertain questions such as the dating and the sources the anonymous compiler used.

p. 41Historietas kukama en la Amazonía peruana. Un taller de autorrepresentación en la ciudad de Nauta
Stefano Pau

This paper presents the experience and results of a comic workshop held in September 2016 in the city of Nauta, Peru. The activity was carried out within the project “Alter-native Epistemologies” of the University of Cagliari. The context in which the project was carried out is that of a small town in which the majority of the population is of Kukama indigenous descent. However, throughout the 20th century and up to the present day, the Kukama have experienced a process of invisibilisation of their cultural identity that has only been partially reversed in recent years. In this work, through the analysis of the comics produced during the workshop, we will show how, despite the marginalisation, the Kukama cultural elements survive in the younger generations from Nauta.

p. 61Sulla confezione del Canzoniere Estense: dati per la più antica storia di H trovierico
Carlo Rettore

The paper investigates the moments which immediately precede and follow the copy of the trouvère chansonnier H. This witness is part of the oldest codicological unit of the so-called Canzoniere Estense (Modena, Biblioteca estense e universitaria, α. R. 4. 4) and the critical bibliography is rife with divergent opinions on this section of the manuscript. Therefore, we analyzed its decoration, rubrication, mise en page, collation and ruling, with the aim of basing a systematic review of the studies about the Estense on data that are as objective as possible.


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