Linguistics and Philology 1.1
Linguistics and Philology
Vol. 1.1 - 2010

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p. 5“Old England of thy sins in time repent […]”: Religious lexis and discourse in 17th century Broadside Ballads
Elisabetta Cecconi

This paper draws on the Bodleian Allegro Catalogue to examine a group of 17th religious broadside ballads. In particular I show that the Protestant broadside is a stylistically hybrid text where features of traditional ballads merge with 1) lexico-syntactic loans from the Holy Scriptures and 2) properties of religious prose style (i.e. interest in content, discourse cohesion, intrusive author). In the first part of my study I outline the specificity of the godly broadside as distinct from popular ballads. In the second part I focus on three apocalyptic broadsides and I analyse them in terms of discourse construction, collocation and prosodic features. Similarities in text organization highlight the use of formulaic patterns which reflect the Puritan stance in relation to the themes of repentance, God‟s Judgement and divine retribution. Borrowings from the language of the Prophetic Books, on the other hand, document the importance ascribed to intertextuality as a means of 1) enhancing the value of the ballad-content and 2) satisfying people‟s preference for themes they were already familiar with from their knowledge of the Bible or from their attendance of religious services. This latter aspect testifies to the major role played by the audience in the construction/representation of religious discourse.

p. 24On Introducing Business Linguistics
Yulia Daniushina

The paper suggests acknowledging a separate sub-discipline within the framework of Applied Linguistics – Business Linguistics, a complex, interdisciplinary field for researching the use of language in business and verbal specifics of business communication. The author initiates the exploration of Business Linguistics, defining its sources, key areas and practical purposes. The discursive approach adopted is intended to provide the basis for investigating this promising sphere, therefore a complex definition of business discourse is proposed. The author investigates the field of Business Linguistics by researching the dominant semantics of corporate web-discourses of a few American, Asian and Russian companies.

p. 35Book Review - Early Modern English dialogues. Spoken Interaction as Writing, by Jonathan Culpeper and Merja Kytö
Gabriella Mazzon

Book Review
Jonathan Culpeper and Merja Kytö. Early Modern English dialogues. Spoken Interaction as Writing. [Studies in English Language Series] Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 2010. ISBN 978-0-521-83541-1 hardback


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